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Pioneering wellbeing projects

Police Care UK has a long history of supporting Police Forces and their sports associations through our Wellbeing Fund which encourages local initiatives aimed at improving health and wellbeing of police officers and staff.

Why do we fund pioneering projects?

After publishing our research report, Injury on Duty, we asked policing how we could better support police forces and agencies do all they can to reduce the harm experienced by police. The feedback we got from frontline police officers and staff, and volunteers, was that they needed funding to allow new and innovative welfare support projects into existence.

The people we spoke to said that they had lots of ideas about how they could improve wellbeing within their units, teams, stations, and forces, but that trying to get funding for them through their force was almost impossible.

So Police Care UK decided to launch the wellbeing grants programme, to provide up to £3,000 for projects that focus on three key areas, including pioneering ideas that are new, different, and demonstrate well thought-out approaches to tackling problems in force.

What types of project do you consider pioneering?

The needs around physical and psychological wellbeing in policing are unique and varied, and so Police Care UK does not proscribe any one initiative, but rather seeks to explore what different initiatives help improve wellbeing in some way.

We see the wellbeing fund as a catalyst for success, providing funding for new initiatives that add to the picture of what works. That's why we prioritise new initiatives rather than continuation funding for existing ones, although if there is a very real need to continue funding a project, we will consider it.

Our three key themes for a pioneer project are:

Better support those returning/ recently returned to work due to a physical injury

Better support those suffering from mental ill-health

Increase awareness of health and wellbeing amongst officers and staff

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