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How bad is it?

Because bullying thrives in a culture of fear, it is not readily discussed between colleagues. This means that the person or group affected can start to internalize the criticism, perhaps believing eventually that it’s all their fault after all.

It saps self-confidence and leaves people feeling abandoned and angry. Although the person targeted by a bully might fantasise about scenarios of revenge, the anger often has no outlet, so it will turn inwards, leading to a set of symptoms that has an awful lot in common with severe depression.

These include:

- Interrupted sleep patterns
- Nausea
- Sweating and shaking
- Constant tiredness
- Skin complaints
- Loss of appetite
- Panic attacks
- Irritability
- Mood swings
- Loss of interest in sex
- Loss of self-esteem
- Lack of motivation
- Obsessiveness and withdrawal
(Source: Mind)

At its most extreme, the end result for the individual can be career breakdown, marital problems, and even suicide.

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