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Choosing a new career after the police

Deciding to change careers at any stage in your work life can daunting. Recognising that you are ready for a new start is the first step towards what can be an enlightening and exciting journey. Here we have pulled together some top tips to help you explore your options and see a future beyond your current role.

Where to start

So if you have explored some of these routes you should have met a number of people who’s careers really resonate with you, or at least have discovered a few that are absolutely not for you and that’s fine. Before you even start to engage with recruitment consultants, search job boards or even apply for jobs its important to have a rough idea of where you want to be – if you are not convinced this is a good option, your recruiter or interviewer certainly won’t.

- Find yourself a great career coach

- Expand your network and meet with different types of people

- Don’t over complicate things, look at what you are great at and how would these skills transfer into a career out of your current sector

- Think about enrolling in part-time courses to get insight into different professions

- Look to your social network, can anyone offer you a day in their work-world?

- Get on Linkedin, focus on connecting with people who have made similar moves, ask to take them for a coffee and find out about their journey – people will say yes to this, they have been there remember.

- Organisations like Escape the City have some really exciting programmes that can offer real insight

Next steps

- Be realistic on salary – the focus is getting into the business, the rest is up to you.

- Get your CV in good shape – your career coach could support you on this, think about the language and tone and make sure your experience is relatable. Use job descriptions for reference – you can find so many on google!

- Connect with specialist recruiters, make sure they are experts in the market you want to entre. If they cant help you, any recruiter worth their salt with as least offer career guidance – this can be invaluable as they know their markets inside and out

- Make sure you are up to date with competency based interviews and practice role play scenarios to perfect your answers. So many interviews follow similar patterns, its easy to find examples on line

- Be confident and clear or your abilities and the value you can add – seek progressive employers who hire on potential over experience, they do exist.

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