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My Business Bootcamp

As part of our commitment to enable people to recover and rebuild their lives, Police Care UK has created the My Business Bootcamp - a residential programme for police veterans who are thinking about setting up their own business.

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What is My Business Bootcamp?

We know from responses to the Injury on Duty research published by Police Care UK that police veterans who are subject to ill-health retirement have found getting the support they need difficult or non-existent, particularly around career transition.

One of the ways people are responding to this is by trying to set up their own business, but have little or no guidance or support to do so.

Police Care UK cannot directly affect the process, but what we can do is better support those are exploring this as an option to recover and rebuild their lives. That's why we've teamed up with x-forces, an organisation running similar programmes for the military, to devise and deliver a police-specific business training and support programme, called My Business Bootcamp.

What does it do?

The programme has three core elements to it:

Is setting up a business right for you?

Do you have the resilience and techniques needed to cope with running a business

Is your business idea viable?

How to get started with a viable business, what steps you need to take, and what to expect

Mentoring you on your journey

Taking the second step can sometimes be more challenging than the first. That's why we'll be mentoring you along the way.

How is it funded?

Police Care UK is a charity dedicated to caring and supporting serving and veteran police and their families recover and rebuild their lives for a brighter future, and each My Business Bootcamp place costs £3,000. This covers the training and accommodation costs.

We are independent of policing and government, and all our work is funded entirely by donations and fundraising - we receive no government or police funding for what we do. This means we can offer places for free to police and families rebuilding their lives.

Delegates pay a £20 admin fee to cover the cost of materials needed for the bootcamp.

How to book on

Intake 2019/1

Starting October 2019, Harrogate

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