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Taking the policing brain on holiday

Taking a busy mind on holiday can be the last thing any of us really want. It's not always easy to simply switch off, just because the calendar says it's time to. Here are some suggestions to help policing minds press 'pause'.

Before you set off

PROTECT YOUR TIME. Be comfortable with decisions you make about accessing emails and social media. Share your intentions with family and friends so that they 'get it'.

HOLIDAY VIGILANCE. If you feel the need to, gently remind your loved ones how to stay safe. Then focus on more happy vigilance.... such as: looking out for random acts of kindness, being the first one to spot the sea, your destination or hotel, or enjoying your favourite holiday food and drink.

PLAN NOT TO PLAN. Factor in time to be free from decision-making. Delegate, or simply just let things unfold.

'Being' on holiday

WHEREVER YOU GO THERE YOU ARE. Policing may be a 24/7 job and you may get all sorts of inspiration on holiday. While that's good, note it in a phone memo, or on a notepad and put it to one side. Then REFOCUS: you are on holiday.

BE THE HOLIDAY. When you feel chilled, tick off your senses. What can you smell? What sights catch your eye? What feels nice in (or on) your body?

MAKE CONTACT. Those around you are likely to want you to be happy. Share it with a nudge on the arm, a wink, or a rub on the back and let them know you are there with them.

Coming home

DON'T CLING, BRING IT IN. It's inevitable to cling to the feeling of being relaxed, of having time and space. That's your prompt to introduce more of it in to your life. Remind your brain about that feeling by bringing holiday recipes in to weekly meals, using holiday snapshots as screensavers and keeping holiday jokes alive!

Don't let your mental health be at the mercy of your day jon, with the only relief being your next week off!

Holiday tips to keep the vibe alive

  • Wake up your brain to remind yourself you are not at work and this time is DIFFERENT, NEW and YOURS.
  • Take half an hour out for yourself every day.
  • Get aerial views as much as possible to gain wider perspectives and feel openness and space.
  • Eat food with new tastes and good nutrition
  • Stay hydrated in between drinking alcohol.
  • Take as many moments as you can to stand still and take it in.
  • Make eye contact with others and share your thoughts and ideas.
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