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We rely on your support to care for police and families in need.

We organise lots of events so take a look here, or call our fundraising team on 0300 012 0030.

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How to get involved

Organise your own event

Raise money for Police Care UK your own way. Here's how to get started.

Fundraising at work

There are lots of ways you and your company can support Police Care UK through fundraising events at work. You could also consider starting a corporate partnership with us for ongoing support.

Make Police Care UK your Charity of the Year!

Stuck for ideas?

Sometimes it's hard to think about ideas for fundraising. Here are a few of our favourites to get you started

Do it with cake

How about clearing your conscience with a donation to Police Care UK in lieu of cake. Alternatively, arrange a cake chat with friends and hold a collection.

Life on Mars 70's night

Go back in time with the Gene Genie and host a 70's theme night for Police Care UK

Take your dog to work day

Playtime and photos in return for cold hard cash - sounds like a fair swap to us, and it's new company for your dog too!

Car boot sale

Clear out the clutter for Police Care UK, or maybe even see about hosting your own car boot sale.

Host a lunch

Wonderful food, great conversation, all for a good cause. Simple

Hold a raffle

Whether small prizes or large, a raffle is a great way of raising money for Police Care UK.

Get messy with mud

You've all heard about tough mudder right? Well why not do one for Police Care UK

Hold a Yoga-thon

If you're a self-confessed yoga bunny, why not run your own yoga class and ask your pupils to contribute a small fee for taking part?

Your fundraising pack

Want to raise money for the police and families we care for? Our fundraising pack has everything you need - it's full of ideas, helpful tips and handy materials. Order or download a kit and get expert support from our team.

Download your pack >

Step-by-step guide to fundraising

Fundraising for Police Care UK is really simply and straightforward. Just follow these simple steps for fundraising success.

What you're going to do


Whatever you choose to do, make sure it's something achievable and realistic. We love your ambition, but we care about your safety and wellbeing too.

If you want to talk it through with us beforehand, then give our fundraising team a call on 0300 012 0030 or email fundraising@policecare.org.uk.

How you'll collect donations


Whether you create your own justgiving page, get people to complete your sponsorship form, or borrow a collection tin from us, decide what's easiest for you. You can always download our fundraising pack for more advice.

Promoting your fundraising


You could use social media, put up posters, or ask your employer to promote your fundraising for you. There's always the local pub or social group, along with your local community you can ask, and we can help you promote your fundraising efforts too.

Don't forget to check whether your employer will match your fundraising efforts too - it can really boost your fundraising efforts.

We're here to help

You are not alone in your fundraising efforts, and the Police Care family and network are here to help with any additional guidance or support with your fundraising. The more support you have, the more successful you will be.

email us at fundraising@policecare.org.uk
call us on 0300 012 0030

Our fundraising team are available between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

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