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Police Care UK is a national charity providing practical, financial and emotional support to serving and former colleagues in need. This includes police officers and staff, volunteers, and their families.

Our volunteer Ambassadors in XXXX are an essential part of Police Care UK’s representation at force level. They conduct briefings and presentations to staff, hold information stands, and attend events and conferences to name but a few. This vital work carried out by our Ambassador volunteers helps us to reach more colleagues in need, which is helping reduce sickness in your force, thereby increasing the number of fit officers and staff able to report for duty.

We understand that every force works slightly differently, however some of our volunteers in other forces have been allowed to conduct some volunteering within work time. Currently that is not the case in Hampshire and is something we would like you to consider changing.

Ambassador volunteers are constrained by the nature of their work and is something we have consistently respected, but a limited amount of protected time per month would allow them to fulfil their duties to the best of their abilities would make a transformative difference in Hampshire.

As an independent charity we rely on individuals volunteering their time, experience, and expertise to help colleagues in need because they care. From experience, we know that even 3 hours duty time per month per Ambassador volunteer has a significant impact on wellbeing.

We ask that you strongly consider a 12-month trial granting xxxx volunteer Ambassadors three hours of protected duty time per month and seeing the positive impact it has.

If you would like more information, please contact XXX.

Yours faithfully,

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