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In 2019 we launched our Police Care Champions scheme as a way of helping us to spread the word about our Charity and ensure people were aware of what help was available to them from Police Care UK. Our rebrand in 2018 lent itself to an awareness raising campaign and we had a great response from people wanting to get involved!

Fast forward to 2021 and we have seen an unprecedented amount of people coming to us for help, primarily with their mental health, as a result of the harm they have been exposed to in their job. We recently undertook a review of all aspects of volunteering with Police Care UK, partly through feedback from our current volunteers and partly due to organisational need. The pause that the Covid-19 lockdowns created allowed us to have the time and space to conduct this review whilst our activities and events were paused. This review, in consultation with our staff and volunteers, gave us a much clearer picture of our direction and need.

The outcome of this is that we have created a great new volunteering programme that we will be publishing soon. However, we will be closing our Police Care Champions network to new applicants.

What does this mean for you as a Police Care Champion?

First and foremost, we recognise the valuable support that we have received from all our Police Care Champions and we thank you for taking the time and effort to be part of our great organisation. We would like you to continue to support and champion the great work we do and continue to follow our journey as we strive to adapt to the dynamic needs of UK policing.

The Champions scheme was created to raise awareness of Police Care and signpost people to us for help and advice. As awareness levels of Police Care UK have risen greatly, we have less of a need to raise general awareness of the services on offer. We have a broad volunteering network across the UK and with other schemes, such as the Blue Light Champions and peer supporters working in forces signposting and motivating people to talk about Mental Health, we recognise this need is being met.  As such we are now looking to cease the Champions programme as a stand-alone scheme and wish to draw those who wish to still be a part of us in to the Police Care formal volunteering family.

If you would like to still support Police Care UK as a volunteer then please contact our Volunteering Team, who will be in touch when our volunteer recruitment opens in the not too distant future. If you do not wish to volunteer but would like to support us in other ways, you could join us as a Friend of Police Care UK or simply just help us by liking and sharing our social media posts and campaigns.

Lastly from all the Police Care family, a huge thank you to each and every Champion who signed up with us and helped us on our journey by spreading our message of helping to prevent harm, recover and rebuild lives of those who work in UK policing.



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