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Sam's story

Like many officers, Sam hadn’t heard of Police Care UK and says she would like to hug the person who introduced her to the charity

Sam Ryder

I think dealing with just police means the charity understands what kind of mental state we’re in, what kind of injuries we've got.

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Anna Palfrey’s story

I am Anna Palfrey, a detective in Thames Valley Police. In September 2018 my partner Tom Dorman was hit by a car whilst on duty and, as a result of his injury, lost his leg below the knee. 

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Dave Powell’s story

I realised I was paralysed. I couldn’t feel my legs. That was when it became abundantly clear that something serious had happened.

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Andy Hussey’s story

I can’t believe I'm alive. Doctors told me that having survived the accident I should have been paralysed from the neck down.

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Gerry’s story

I felt like I had my life and dignity back. Now I’m able to look after myself properly again and that’s the most important thing.

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Pete Burnsall

When you loved being a police officer like I did, being forced to leave the job is like having your legs chopped from underneath you.

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Richard Gunn

Denis Gunn talks candidly about losing his son, Richard, on the front line of policing

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The Hickman family

After his accident, my dad had to switch motorbikes for mobility scooters, and though this slowed down his pace of life, he didn’t let it affect his spirit.

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Rachel’s story

I was beaten down, I was massively depressed and I couldn’t talk without crying all the time. Thankfully, I don’t have those thoughts now, and it’s because of the support and funding that the Police Care UK has provided and I’ll be forever grateful.

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Stephen Green

I still miss the police terribly. I miss the camaraderie, the lifestyle and the horses. But I’m now doing something else that I love and getting noticed for it.

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