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How does it feel to be a police officer? We’re very pleased to announce the publication of The Policing Mind, written by our Police Care UK Director of Research, Dr Jessica Miller.

In her new book, Dr Miller uses the most recent neuroscience and real-life examples to explore risks to individual resilience. A compulsory read for anyone with an interest in policing, the book offers practical resilience techniques and policy recommendations for police officers facing crime in a post-COVID world.

Don’t just take our word for it! Jackie Malton, retired Detective Chief Inspector and the inspiration for Prime Suspect said: “I worked as a detective witnessing trauma and suffering in an era when the advice was ‘go to the pub’. If we want to truly understand the policing brain, what happens to us and how we heal ourselves, the answers are here. The Policing Mind is essential reading for all police officers, police leaders and staff.”

If you have a bulk sales enquiry, please do email bup-sales@bristol.ac.uk.

The table of contents includes information on:

  • Why the Need to Be Resilient? How It Feels to Be a Police Officer in
    the UK and Why
  • Risks to Resilience in Operational Policing: From Trauma to
    Compassion Fatigue
  • What Might Be Happening in the Brain? Introducing Simple
    Neuroscience for Policing
  • Turning Science into Action: Resilience Practices for Policing
  • What Now? The Big Step Change

About the author

Dr Jessica K. Miller is consultant for The Royal Foundation, Director of Research at Police Care UK and a Principal Investigator, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. Her work has been filmed by C4 Dispatches, BBC Inside Out and made headline news across the world in May 2019.

How to order your copy

Order online at Bristol University Press. The book is also available from all major retailers.



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